Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Gas Plasma Sterilizer Floor Standing

Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Gas Plasma Sterilizer



Product Description



Using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as the sterilization agent of the equipment, vaporized H2O2 forms plasma hydrogen peroxide in electromagnetic field under low temperature environment, and in combination with H2O2 gas to conduct low temperature dry sterilization against items inside the sterilization chambers while dissociate hydrogen peroxide residues efficiently.
It can be widely used in Operating Room, Central Sterile Service Department and other therapeutic departments.
Suitable Typical Material & Instruments
Material - Aluminum, copper, acetal resins(polyacetal), copolymer, glass, ethylene-vinyl acetate, liquid crystalline copolymer, polycarbonate, titanium, nylon, polycarbamate, PVC, stainless steel, PEEK, PE - PPSU, Teflon, PEI, PS, PP, PMMA, silicone elastomer.
Instruments - Surgery implants, patients end connection cables, optical & glass lens, power equipment & batteries, rigid endoscope, catheter and surgical instruments.


  • Touch screen, good human-computer interface
  • Real time display of chamber pressure, vacuum value, temperature, time etc.
  • Automatic program control for whole process, dynamic display of sterilization procedure
  • Complete alarm system of temperature, pressure, door on/off etc.
  • Two levels password protection system for security use of the equipment
  • Large memory capacity to keep original data for reference
  • Micro printer for real time printing of current operating batches, two kinds of data recording
  • Main components like vacuum pump, electromagnetic valve, sensors, PLC imported
  • Suitable for about 95% instruments, esp. heat sensitive electronic instruments.


Technological Parameters


Model GGT - 15008-135 GGT - 15008-80
Volume (L) 135 80
Inner Chamber Size(mm) W400*L450*H750 Ø380*700
Outer Dimension(W*L*H, mm) 860*1,000*1,750 700*900*1,620
Weight(kg) 300 200
Mains Input 380V/220V 50HZ 380V/220V 50HZ
Power(KVA) 5 4
Material SUS304 / Aluminum alloy SUS304 / Aluminum alloy
Temperature of Sterilization Chamber 55ºC+/-5ºC 55ºC+/-5ºC
Pressure of Sterilization Chamber 50-150KPa 50-150KPa
Sterilization Cycle Time Flash Cycle ≤25Min.
Standard Cycle ≤50Min.
Enhanced Cycle ≤80Min
Flash Cycle ≤25Min.
Standard Cycle ≤50Min.
Enhanced Cycle ≤80Min



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