Sterilizing Bag Sealing Machine With Electronic Constant Temperature Control

Sterilizing Bag Sealing Machine






1. Electronic constant temperature control
2. Continuous sealing
3. CE Certification
4. It suit plastic & aluminum bags


Technical parameters:


1 indentation width: 12mm

2 Sealing width: Open Size

3 Temperature control: 50-300 degrees (high-temperature sterilization bags, plasma, etc.)

4 Power Supply: AC 220V,50HZ

5 Total power:. 550W

6 Dimensions:. 520 × 250 × 150mm

7 Weight:. 14kg


1.With a variety of automatic control functions, enabling continuous sealing, temperature control accuracy of ± 1%, Operating Temperature: 60 ~ 120 ℃ arbitrarily set, users can meet the basic needs sealing, sealing machine manually upgrading of products, are universal sealing device.

2.High temperature design, room temperature ~ 180 ℃ temperature just 40S;

3.Using floating constant pressure lamination system design, adapt paper bags, paper and plastic three dimensional bags, paper bag sealing needs;

4.Advanced flat ceramic heating elements, can be dry, high temperature, long life, high thermal efficiency


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Sterilizing Bag Sealing Machine With Electronic Constant Temperature Control


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