Electricity Syringe And Sharps Needle Destruction Device Reliable Performance

Needle Destroyer Syringe Destruction Machine




Application scope:


The machine is an organic combination of machine, electricity, light technology, the needle will instantly

melt, needle, push rod, rubber piston cutting, and completely eliminate repeated use to prevent virus infection.




Antibacterial shell::This series of products and parts of the use of special colleges and universities inorganic

antibacterial materials, which contains the silver particle antibacterial ingredients, excellent antibacterial effect

on bacteria, and cut with high safety and heat resistance


Reliable Performance: The utility model adopts the combination of the machine, the electricity and the light

technology, the photoelectric automatic induction device, the instantaneous melting needle and the mechanical

mode cutting needle tube, the push rod and the rubber piston, so as to achieve the purpose of disposable

destruction. Needle melting parts with high melting point, corrosion resistance, good conductivity of the special

alloy used for the protection of insulation, flame retardant material forming, not only increase the safety factor,

but also to extend the service life. The needle cutting tool has been electro chemical treatment, so it has the

advantage of wear resistance and corrosion resistance..


Rational construction: The unique design of 45 degrees C angle insertion and vertical insertion

Simple operation: The syringe needle can be destroyed only by slowly inserting.


Not easy to pollute:The unique design of the fully enclosed structure, easy disinfection.

Easy cleaning:With a drawer type paper collection box, easy cleaning and disinfection


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Electricity Syringe And Sharps Needle Destruction Device Reliable Performance

Electricity Syringe And Sharps Needle Destruction Device Reliable Performance


Disinfection / Sterilization / Purification Equipment

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