Vertical Water Distillation Unit For Lab , Full Automatic Multi Effect Water Distiller

Water Distillation Unit Full Automatic Multi-Effect Water Distiller




Product Description

Breif introduction

Qualified raw water enters the condenser by multistage pump booster, then turn into the preheater (raw water of each effect was two times in distilled water, steam heating, a condenser in effect by industrial steam condensate preheater heating, after entering the effect preheater is two steam condensate heating), and then enter the evaporator the inner wall of the heating pipe through a material injection water dispenser, the water in the tube wall into the film flow, by industrial steam heating vaporization.The two steam entrainment of water droplets is entered into the steam separation unit from the lower end of the evaporation chamber, and the separated pure steam enters the next effect as heating steam, and the raw water without evaporation is entered into the next effect, repeating the above process. The pure steam generated by the final effect enters the condenser and confluence cooling water from all the condensate water except one effect. After excluding the non condensable gas, according to the different type of the engine, there may also be a continuous discharge device of the non condensable gas on the evaporator, which is used as the water for injection. Through the on-line inspection of the electrical conductivity, the qualified distilled water is exported as the injection water, and the disqualified distilled water will be discharged.


1. Structural form: external preheater, condenser and the first effect evaporator are all designed as double tube plates.
2. Separation device: the feed water enters into the equipment will under three separation that is film, evaporation, gravity separation and sprial circumferential flow.
3. Material: The parts that contact with the feed water, WFI and secondary steam should be all adopted with SS316L.
4. Automatic welding: For the connection of the pipeline and the spareparts, use the arc to protect the automatic welding track, to ensure the welding quality.
5. three dimensional bend: in the pipeline can use stainless steel tube to stretch the pipe directly, to avoid welding.
6. Thermal insulation: evaporator and preheater are used glass fiber needle felt, this is a new type of insulation material. The heat preservation effect is 30 times that of the common thermal insulation material.
7. Energy saving : multi-effect water distiller has a high utilization ofthe industrial steam because the secondary steam is used in each effect which has a significant energy saving effect . This energy saving isobviously with the increase of the number of effect evaporators , at thesame time , the amount of the cooling water is substantially reduced .The five-stage effect water distiller of our company only use little cooling water while the six-stage effect water distiller doesnt need cooling water.
8. Automatic sterilization process after start, achieve the system self stenilization process.
9. Control system: Adopt PLC automatic control technology, provide a variety of modes of communication.



Model Capacity
Industrial steam (L/H) Feed water consumption(L/H) Cooring water consumption(L/H) Dimensions(mm)
GGT100-4 ≥100 30 110 80 1065X540X1900
GGT300-5 ≥300 80 330 170 1610X650X2300
GGT500-4 ≥500 150 550 550 1540X770X3150
GGT500-5 ≥500 550 190 190 1900X770X3150
GGT1000-5 ≥1000 250 250 350 2200X1000X3400
GGT1000-6 ≥1000 210 1100 0 2830X1000X3400
GGT2000-5 ≥2000 520 2200 750 3000X1200X3600
GGT3000-6 ≥3000 670 3300 0 3510X1200X3600
GGT4000-6 ≥4000 900 4400 0 4080X1250X4000


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Vertical Water Distillation Unit For Lab , Full Automatic Multi Effect Water Distiller


Vertical Water Distillation Unit For Lab , Full Automatic Multi Effect Water Distiller



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